The Uppis Club


1 §
All the people, who live with Upwards labradors are automaticly members of "The Uppis Club" .

2 §
Home of the Club is in Vasarainen,
and it's language.... hmmm... I hope we understand each other -eventually.

3 §
The purpose of the club is to make people & dogs enjoy their life.

4 §
Dont't forget humor.

5 §
We usually drink coffee (or te) when we meet, but if you want something else, remember that the breeder can't bake the cakes...

6 §
It is possible to earn awards.

7 §
Everything that is not forbidden, is allowed.





 © v kuvaajan nimi


(isä - emä)

Väri sukupluoli, synt. pvm, rek. nro __

Terveys: Lonkat: __, kyyn. _:_, silmät __


Kokeet: NOME: __ / MEJÄ: __/TOKO: __

Ko koira tietokannassa, sisarukset


Omistaja: nimi, paikkakunta, puh. __