"Old news"


15.11.2009 Puppyplans. Kiona will have just puppies. Next litter: in the beginning of 2010, to Gilda or to Jojo.

30.4.2008 Kustos Ruskas hips and elbows are ok.
20.4.2008 Hot Dog got CERT.
19.4.2008 In My Dreams has been mated.
7.4.2008 Katanas eyes are ok.
1.4.2008 K litter has been in rtg: Kamrat Sergei B:B, 0:0, Keep On Smiling B:A, 0:0, KnowHau's Kiara A:A, 0:0, Kind Of Candy B:B, 3:0.

31.3.2008 Kustos Ruskas eyes are ok.
23.3.2008 Lappeenranta INT show, judge Esko nummijärvi: Happy Smile BOS CACIB,  Congratulations Paula & "Hymy"! Katana JUN very good.
15.3.2008 Congratulations of new prizes: "Puppy of the Year" Kamrat Sergei and Black Liqueur got active senior prize called "Nitan Pytty". 
11.3.2008 Puppies: Hot Dog is now a father and Ginny is a mother.

2.2.2008 Show Parkano, judge Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen: John Wayne ("Väinö"): youngster class 1 best male 2 SERT, Jojo: youngster class exc 2.

20.1.2008 Turku KV Winter Dog Show: Kustos Ruska JUN exc

19.1.2008 Group show Alavus, judge Kirsi Nieminen: 

Dogs: junior class: John Wayne JUN exc 2. Best Dog 3, hunting cl: Hot Dog exc 2. 
Bitches: junior class: Camillas grand daughter "Peppi" exc 4., hunting cl.: Ginny exc 1., Ice Queen exc 3., champion class: Happy Smile exc 2. Best Bitch 4. Breeders class (John Wayne, Hot Dog, Ginny and Happy Smile were shown), BOB-Breeder. BIS-Breeder 2. 

15.1.2008 Puppies expected to Ice Queen, in ultrasound there was seen 6-7 pupies. So L litter is on it's way.

14.-16.2007 Ice Queen has been mated with Linjor Shakespeare.
9.12.2007 Helsinki int. "Winner 2007"-show results: John Wayne
JUN EXC 3, Gilda CH EXC 2, Happy Smile CH EXC.

8.12.2007 Upwards kennel received "Vuolasvirta" breeder prize in Helsinki int. "Winner 2007" show

    Awarded breeder with her dog

15.10.2007 colour test results came: John Wayne, Judith and In My Dreams, all are genotyp EEBb (carry brown, not yellow).
13.-14.10.2007 "mental test" Rauma, In My Dreams  209 p. and Hot Dog 135 p.
7.10.2007 Black Liqueur tracking test open class 1/45 p.

29.-30.9.2007 Pomarkku gold game test (NOME-B): Qualified in the field (NOU1): Happy Hulda, Hilma Hunter, Judith and John Wayne. Winners class 3. prize: Google och Camilla. Open class (AVO): 3. prize: Happy Smile and Ginny, beginners class (ALO) 3. prize: High Hopes. Gunnar: open cl. 0, In My Dreams: beginners class 0.

3.9.2007 Camilla and Google: cold game test winners class 3rd pr.
9.9.2007 Hot Dog blood tracking winners class 1 > FIN JVA! Jojo qualified in the field. Congratulations Outi, Petri and Hese!
8.9.2007 I'm So Cute qualified in the field. Ginny cold game test open class 2. Joiku show good (judge Paavo Mattila).
7.9.2007 Joiku rtg-result: hips A/A, elbows 0/0.
5.9.2007 FIN MVA Happy Smile (Hymy) is now also FIN TRCh! Congratulations Paula and Hymy!
3.9.2007 Jack Sparrows eyes examined: ok. Jalla Jallas rtg results: A/A, 0/0.

18.8.2007 Vesilahti show Hot Dog: Best Dog 4, In My Dreams: good - judge Leni Finne. Jojos x-ray results arrived: hips A/A, elbows 0/0.
15.8.2007 Jack Sparrows x-ray results: hips A/A, elbows 0/0.

14.8.2007 John Wayne: hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes ok. Judith: hips A/A, elbows 0/0.
12.8.2007 Ginny blood tracking winners class 1 48 p. (best of the day) => FIN TRCH! Concratulations, Kimmo and Gini!
11.8.2007 Hot Dog (Hese) in show Korsholm (Vasa): Best Dog 2, re-sert

11.8.2008 Joyful Jalle x-rayed: hips A/A, elbows 0/0.
28.7.2007 Happy Smile (Hymy): NOME-B (hunting test) open class 3rd prize, Google (NOME-B) winners class 3rd prize.
15.7.2007 Black Liqueur ("Lilli"): blood track open class 1st pr. 48 p.
14.7.2007 Hot Dog (Hese) show in Orivesi, judge Majvor Näsman: Best Dog 2 SERT 

16.6.2007 Qualified in the field: Happy HugoIce Queen, Jack Sparrow, not qualified: Judith (domare Ari Huttunen).
15.6.2007 Join The Joiku
qualified in the field.

8.6.2007 J litter is now "Clear by parentage". Also sire of the litter is now tested and found in Optigen test clear/normal.

3.6.2007 Joyful Jalle became "Slovakian Junior Club Winner".

19.5.2007 Rauma show:

Siiri, Jojo, Judith ja Väinö

John Wayne ("Väinö") jun exc 2.
Jack Sparrow ("Jaki") jun excellent

Judith jun exc best bitch 3
Jojo jun exc 3.
In My Dreams ("Siiri") open cl exc 2.

Breeder class 1. BIS 4 (John Wayne, Judith, Jojo, In My Dreams)

17.5.2007 Hese (Hot Dog) blood track winners class 1 /45 p.
12.-13.5.2007 Indica qualified in the field,  Jojo jun excellent 1/1 best bitch 4, Joyful Jalle Czech Retriever Club Show: Junior Club Winner.


Ginny SERT, BB3 (Honkajoki 5.5.2007, judge Ing-Marie Hagelin Sweden) 

Happy Smile ("Hymy") BOB (Vähäkyrö 5.5.2007) and blood track open class 1 48 p. (Laihia 6.5.2007)

Googles son Pirriinan King Greole 2 x jun BOS SERT (Vähäkyrö 5.5.2007 and Leppävirta 6.5.2007) 

21.4.2007 Join The Joiku (judge. Elena Ruskovaara): BIS puppy & HP.
15.4.2007 Indica in the show: young dog class excellent 4.
9.4.2007   Joyful Jalle in Club Show in Hungary: BIS puppy.
1.4.2007   Jojo in shows: (31.3. and 1.4.2007) 2 x BOB -puppy & HP.
18.3.2007 Joyful Jalle BOB male puppy in Slovenia.   

4.3.2007 Labrador speciality show in Eura. Judges: males Arwyn Ellis (UK), bitches Mr. Brian Parrot (UK):

    Puppies 7-9 months,  male U. John Wayne ("Väinö") and bitch U. Judith won both their classes!

    Junior class, males won ("Gunnars son" Saskian Akela 1st

    Young dogs, males: U. In The Heat "excellent" and bitches U. Ice Queen "good".

    Open class, bitches  U. Hilma Hunter "very good".

    Champion class, bitches U. Happy Smile "excellent" 2nd

9.1.2007 Gilda is mated. (Puppies)

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