4.6.2010 Puppyplans. Kiona got re-cert from the show, her second and was 2nd Best Female.

28.5.2010 John Wayne in Blood Tracking Test: winner class, 1. prize with 44 points.

Some new health exam. results:

 nimi hips elbows eyes
Obi Van Obama   A/A 0/0 ok
Offroad Runner   A/A 0/0 ok
One Handed Bandit   C/B 0/1  
One Way Ticket   A/A 0/0 ok
Ornitology O'Rly   (coming) (coming)  
Over The Hedge   A/A 0/1  
Optical Illusion   A/A 0/0 ok
Nuffield  A/A 0/0  

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